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PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Create a free account. This will help with accuracy in our communications. 2. Disregard how bright/dark any image is and also any studio equipment. If there's a photo you like but there's just that 'one thing' you don't like about it, add it to your cart as well and then we'll discuss it....I've been known to surprise clients with what I'm able to make happen LOL! 3. "Add to Favorites" ❤️ your favorite one photo from each set-up. (Let me know if you need help or my opinion...I know which I like best but I'd like to see your selections first. If you're torn, just add the other image to the Favorites as well. 4. Once you've made your selections, text me that we're ready for the next step. 5. Please don't share/show the gallery or any images to'll ruin the thrill of the final projects!

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