Justin Peters - Patterson Pirates 2021

DSP Gallery Dynamic Sports/Music Posters

Congratulations! You found us!  Now the excitement begins!

DSP Gallery is a full-service commercial photo studio in Brewster, NY for the past 20+ years.  We focus on providing “next level” photography, imaging, retouching and overall experience.  We are not a cookie-cutter, assembly-line photography company.  Our clients come to us because they want something special, unique and amazing.

How does it work?


  1. Contact Daniel for an appointment.

  2. Pick out the designs you want from our website danstockfield.com (Dynamic Sports/Musicians) and send to Daniel prior to your photo session.

  3. We only shoot the photos you’re requesting in the design(s) you’ve chosen. Poses are not limited to the design examples.

  4. You’ll make your photo selections at the studio.

  5. We’ll text/email your design proofs to you. If you have edits, we’ll make them and send another proof. If you approve the design, then the final step is letting us know what size(s) and quantity(s) poster prints you’d like.

  6. We’ll email an invoice. Upon receiving payment, we will place your order with our lab to ship directly to you.

  7. When your package arrives, notify Daniel so he can send you the web-ready digital version of the design(s) for you to share.


  1. ORGANIZER/LEAD CONTACT (Usually a parent...sometimes coaches.) - Each team will have ONE liaison to work with Daniel. Trust us
    when we tell you that you do not want too many cooks in the kitchen! The LEAD will also receive their photography and posters for free!
    (NOTE: Do not expect or wait for your school district to take care of setting up this photography. They most likely won’t as our in-studio work has nothing to do with the districts. The school uses “school” photography companies. We’re nothing like them. If you’d like to use our services for your team, please have a parent or coach contact us directly.)

  2. The LEAD contacts Daniel to discuss your project, how many athletes, what your end products need to be, and your timeline/due-date.

  3. The LEAD will check with the team to make sure everyone is on board. Please be sure to explain EVERYTHING to them prior to scheduling, including giving each this pricing sheet. TEAM POSTERS require a minimum of 8 athletes.

  4. The LEAD will then compare calendars with Daniel to book your date(s). Please complete the Team Roster Spreadsheet and return to Daniel.

  5. We recommend scheduling each athlete in a spreadsheet or use Sign-up Genius (or something comparable). Be sure to encourage carpooling! Those with tight schedules should book their timeslots first. Time slots are usually 15 minutes.

  6. Daniel will send the LEAD a communique of what to bring and how to prepare for the sessions.

  7. If you would like an INDIVIDUAL design (in addition to the team poster), you MUST visit danstockfield.com, click on “Dynamic Sports”, then the corresponding sport, go through the examples, and you NEED to screenshot the design(s) you want and email/text them to Daniel PRIOR to your photo session so we can prepare ahead of time. We’ll only take photos of those poses you’re requesting. Poses are not limited to the examples.

  8. Please arrive a few minutes early in case we get done early with the prior session. This also allows enough time for extra photos of you (if necessary). You’ll pose for the team poster first and then choose your photo(s). The others will be deleted for keeping things accurate (no accidental use of the wrong photos).

  9. You’ll receive a proof of your design via text and/or email. At this point, you cannot change to a new design or change the photos, but you can request “minor” edits (color, text, size of an element, etc.). All edits must be given at the same time to avoid mistakes. REPLYING BACK TO DANIEL QUICKLY IS VERY IMPORTANT as the team poster won’t be completed until individual orders are completed and paid-in-full.

  10. Upon approving your design, you will then place your individual poster order with Daniel. NOTE: We only offer the products on the pricing sheet. NO GREEN/BLUE SCREEN IMAGES WILL BE RELEASED.

  11. Orders will ship directly to you. Upon receiving, notify Daniel that your package arrived and the prints are to your satisfaction. Daniel will then send you a web-ready digital version of each design so you can share with your world. (We do no release high-resolution files.)

  12. The LEAD will follow up regularly with everyone on the project and will also work with Daniel on designing the team poster.


  • - No metal spikes/cleats in the studio. Please clean mud/dried mud from bottoms of cleats prior to your session.

  • - If your uniform is green, don’t bring blue stuff. If your uniform is blue, don’t bring green stuff. When in doubt what to wear or bring, just bring it.

  • - The studio is not a childproof environment. Please leave small children with someone else, if possible.

  • - The entire studio is COLD to minimize people sweating (shine) on camera, so bring a sweatshirt.

  • - Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If you’re over 18 but would like to bring a friend to keep you company, bring them!

  • - Please arrive “camera ready” (make-up, hair, uniform, etc.). Each minute is precious.

  • - Payments will not take place at the studio. You’ll be invoiced via email and you can pay by credit card or Venmo. IF there are any ‘financial hardships’ present on your team, please contact Daniel for special accommodations. We do our best to make sure everyone can participate!

    A large portion of proceeds go to 3up3down.org (our in-house charity) which helps kids with developmental disabilities get into the game.