Justin Peters - Patterson Pirates 2021

DSP Gallery Dynamic Sports/Music Posters

Congratulations! You found us!  Now the excitement begins!

DSP Gallery is a full-service commercial photo studio in Brewster, NY for the past 20+ years.  We focus on providing “next level” photography, imaging, retouching and overall experience.  We are not a cookie-cutter, assembly-line photography company.  Our clients come to us because they want something special, unique and amazing.

How does it work?


1. Visit our website and pick out the design(s) pose(s) that you want for your poster(s).

2. Contact the studio to schedule your session (by appointment only).

3. When you come in, we will only shoot those poses you selected to match your selected designs.

4.  At your session, you will see the photos while we’re taking them, and then you’ll make your selections before you leave.

5.  We then will retouch your photo selections, customize the designs previously selected.

6. Digital proofs will be sent electronically.

7. We will make edits (if necessary), and will finalize upon your approval.

8. You will receive an invoice via email. Upon your payment, we will place your order with our lab. You’ll have the option of picking up at the studio or shipped directly to you. Upon receiving and approving the final posters, we will then get to you a web-ready digital version so you can share with your world and receive lots of compliments!


Teams (8-player minimum)

If you’re interested in a team poster, a “Lead Parent” usually contacts the studio to arrange the project.  We will compare calendars, and you will plan for the players to come in groups of threes to the studio.  The Lead picks out the design of the poster prior to the project, and then picks the poses of each player accordingly because they know the team.

We photograph every player individually for team posters taking turns in front of the camera.  Each player/parent will pick out their favorite shot of their pose for the team poster.  If players want additional photos taken so they can get individual posters created, they have that option as well (again, have your designs and photo poses pre-selected).  Upon approval, we will get to you a team poster print for each player and coach.  Each player will receive a web-ready digital version of the team poster as well.

Families who opted for additional poses will work directly with the studio on their individual designs and posters of their player.