Our wedding photography service provides custom fine art photography which focuses only on what you want. There are no packages to be forced into with our service because you will create your own package AND, there are no extra charges (no charges for over-time, travel within the tri-state area, black & white, and minimal photo retouching)! Imagine not having to worry about your photographer leaving before you cut the cake or throw your bouquet. We're there with you until the very end!

Next, we include a casual engagement session for all of our full-day wedding clients. This session is usually an hour long and is a great opportunity to get to know us prior to your wedding. And, you'll get to see yourselves in our images so you'll have added comfort on your wedding day. We feel this is very important for our clients. 

We will walk you through the entire process of the wedding photography, along with many other tips and suggestions for your successful wedding day. We want for your day to go very smooth and have a lot of useful information, tips, and suggestions to help you as we understand that you're not a professional wedding planner. Photojournalistic wedding photography or traditional wedding photography, you will guide us as to what you'd like to see, not the other way around.

We pride ourselves on our style of photography. No, not just what's in the photos, but also how we do our shooting. Theres nothing worse than a photographer in your face with a camera every 5 seconds, right? With our service, we strive to be as stealth as possible by shooting with long lenses so not to disturb who is in front of our lens. This style of ours helps in getting true candid and photojournalistic images.

When the wedding is over, you won't have to wait months to see your proofs. With our service, you'll see them at your pre-scheduled viewing (usually immediately following your honeymoon!). After your viewing, a private and secure online gallery will be posted to allow you time to select images for your Wedding Collection or to purchase individual portraits.

Whether its New York wedding photography, Connecticut wedding photography, or New Jersey wedding photography, all of the professional photography will be exactly what you're looking for because you call the shots (literally)!

Please contact us today to discuss your wish list and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see why this service is like no other.

- We're also available to travel outside of the tri-state area for your wedding upon special request.